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3 Tips For Reducing Recidivism Rates By Finding Employment

Although there are many factors that influence recidivism rates, one of the many challenges people face after a conviction is finding job opportunities. With access to training and employers willing to give people an opportunity, some people are able to find their second chance with a criminal record.

Utilize Training Opportunities

Sometimes training opportunities are available for incarcerated people, or these opportunities might be available out in the community. Any opportunity to learn a trade will increase your chances of finding employment. Generally, the most versatile training opportunities will be ones involving manual labor, such as fixing automobiles, general contracting, or repairs for household appliances. Other training opportunities can include computer-related education, such as learning popular office suites or website design. The goal is to learn a trade in which the employer will focus less on your background and more on your talents.

Research Community-Based Organizations

In some cases, community-based organizations may help people with a criminal background by linking them with employers who are willing to give people a second chance. Unfortunately, these opportunities are rarely available nationwide, so if you have the opportunity to relocate, this might be your chance at starting over. One of the benefits of going through these programs is that they are already aware of your background, so applying for opportunities can be less intimidating. Some community-based organizations also have specialized services based on your criminal history. For example, people who were once in gangs or have drug-related convictions will have special needs beyond finding a job. Someone who was once affiliated with a gang might have tattoos with gang signs, especially ones on a noticeable part of the body. The organization might have connections with dermatologists or cosmetic surgeons who are willing to help with free tattoo removal.

Speak With A Job Placement Agency

Employment placement agencies, whether in your community or online, are the most commonly available resource for a potential job. Much like community-based agencies, you can speak with a recruiter about your background so you do not have to blindly apply for jobs just to be turned down because of your background. Employers willing to give you a chance are often hiring for temporary vacancies. You can use this opportunity to showcase your talents and reliability in hopes of securing a permanent position, or at least a reference to add to your resume. Although having many temporary jobs may not be ideal, especially to people trying to get on their feet or support a family, doing multiple temporary jobs can also help you develop a positive work history that may be helpful in the future.

Although finding a job post-conviction is often a major challenge, it is not impossible. Having marketable skills and finding agencies to help can increase your chance of finding your second chance.