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3 Concussion Management Services Ideal For Professional Wrestlers

If you have a desire to enter the world of pro wrestling, then you want to manage your body with the help of medical professionals. Pro wrestling includes a lot of impact on the body. Along with proper nutrition and muscle development, aspiring professional wrestlers should consider a sports medicine clinic for concussion management services.

The concussion management services include a wide range of help for any head injuries you suffer while in the wrestling ring. Check out some of the services and how each one can have a positive impact on your career.

1. Baseline Testing

Everyone is different when it comes to head injuries. Before you suffer from a concussion, you want to see what your baseline is at and where you stand. A visit to a sports medicine health center will give you the opportunity to undergo baseline testing. Through the baseline testing, a doctor will determine specific skills and scores.

The areas covered may include memory skills, balance, and vision. If a doctor knows your balance skills before a possible concussion, then they will have some elements to compare it to afterwards. Ideally, if you sign up for wrestling school or another promotion, then you can complete the baseline testing before you suffer any impact to the head.

2. MRI Imaging

If you do suffer from a concussion through pro wrestling, you will want doctors to monitor your progress and ensure your head heals properly. One way a doctor can see inside your head is with MRI imaging. MRI scans will show your brain scans and possible damage that has occurred.

Multiple stages of MRI imaging will help doctor compare scans and see if concussion damage improves over time. To help showcase the changes, a doctor can go over the detailed results and show you specific areas that the concussions impacted.

3. Headache & Pain Management

After a concussion, you may suffer from headaches or other pains. A sports medicine clinic will help you treat headaches and go beyond some of the basic over the counter medicines. A doctor may help you with specific stretches or routines to reduce headaches. Hot and cold treatments directly applied to the head could help with headaches.

A doctor could help differentiate a typical headache from a headache caused by a concussion. The treatment options will help reduce pain overall and make your recovery process go a lot smoother.

Contact a sports medicine clinic to establish yourself as a patient and use their professional services to guide you through your whole pro wrestling career.