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Drug Addiction Signs To Watch For In Your Teen

Teenagers experience all types of things in their life that may cause them happiness, anxiety, or changes in friendships. They're growing and finding themselves, but within this time period, some may find the wrong path. Some teenagers may turn to drugs and even become addicted. If you aren't sure what to watch out for, you may be missing some key signs. Read on for drug addiction signs in your teenager.

Mood Changes

If your once-happy teenager is suddenly more moody, it may be more than teenage angst. It could be a sign of drug addiction or drug usage. If your teenager is angry for no reason or has severe mood swings, keep an eye on this. 

Appearance Changes

Changes in appearance such as poor grooming, not showering or changing their clothing as they normally would, or a change in complexion may be due to drug use. Depending on your teenager's drug of choice, he may have more pimples on the face or pock marks. You may also notice puncture marks on the arm if he is using needles to inject drugs into his system.

Other appearance changes you may notice include very large or very small pupils or red, bloodshot eyes. Your teenager may also have bloody noses often, when they didn't have nosebleeds like these before. 

Changes In Friendships

Sure, teenagers are going to find new friends, but if there's an extreme change in friendships and your teenager is hanging out with the "wrong" crowd, you may want to keep an eye out. Ask questions about these friends and find out more about them. This new crowd may be doing more than just hanging out and playing video games.

On the same token, if your teenager is keeping to himself more often and is suddenly more private, that too may be a red flag.

Changes In How They Spend Money

If your child is suddenly spending money and you aren't seeing where the money is going, it may be being spent on drugs. If you are the one giving your teenager money, stop giving them money until you know for sure what the money is gong towards. If your child is stealing money from you or you notice money in your home going missing, there may be a reason for this.

There are a number of signs to watch out for. Some may be harmless, but some may not be. Keep an eye on your teenager and watch for the signs. Keep communication open with your teenager and ask questions. If you think your teen has a drug addiction or is using drugs, get your child the help they need at a drug addiction treatment center.