5 Benefits Of Business Coaching You Should Know

Business coaching is a fast-growing profession as more and more companies realize the value of having an external coach. In many cases, organizations have been coached to success by professional business coaches who have helped them through difficult times during the economic recession. A number of reasons can be identified why enterprise owners need business coaching services that work. Here are 5 benefits of professional business coaching. 1. Get Clarity on Concepts

4 Steps Of Enneagram Coaching

Personality tests can be an entertaining way to pass the time, but they can also give you insight into your thought process. Certain personality tests, like the Enneagram of Personality, can even provide important insights. Enneagram coaching takes advantage of the Enneagram system. It can help you become a more effective worker and a happier person. Unlike other forms of more generalized coaching, enneagram coaching is specifically tailored to the needs of your personality type.